Siamese & Oriental cats & Whippet


FIFe World Winner Show 2007, Bratislava – WW07′ IMLADRIS INDIL EVER JUNE and us:)

Imladris Cattery was founded in 2005 by a small group of friends, who are united in their admiration for the Siamese and Oriental cats, and their intelligence, elegance, beauty and grace.

Now we are a small family cattery. We are real hobby breeders we breed just for fun and we have just few litters in a year. Our most important goal to breed healthy and friendly pets but the quality of our kittens is very important to us that is why we work with many lines from all over the world. We only have as many cats as can be kept in our homes integrated into our every day life, so that living together is enjoyable for humans and felines alike.

Our first whippet Fierce Fireball Adrenalin “Bronte” joined our family in 2013. Our first whippet litter was born in 2019. Nowadays we visit dog shows and we take part in sighthound sports (lure coursings) as well with our 3 whippets.

Our cattery is member of the Felis Hungarica MME, the Hungarian FIFe association and the IMLADRIS kennel is registered in MEOESZ the Hungarian FCI association, and also the member of the Agár Klub and the Hungária Coursing Egyesület.

All kittens from our cattery will be at least 13-15 weeks old, fully vaccinated, treated against worms, have a chip, international passport and FIFe pedigree before moving to their new home. If you wish to know more about us, our breeding conception and about our actual or planned litters, do not hesitate to contact us at our mail address:

Imladris team

Budapest, Hungary



 our show cage