Siamese & Oriental cats & Whippet

If you wish to know more about our actual kittens or expected litters, do not hesitate to contact us at our mail address:

Imladris team
Budapest, Hungary

 You can see some of our earlier kittens in GALLERY.

 Please be prepared that we will have some questions because we would like to come to know the potential owners of our babies. Our babies are available only to catloving, permanent and responsible homes. In case of breeding cats we prefer the serious experienced breeders with the appropriate knowledge and breeding plan and just the small and friendly catteries where the cats live as family members.

The kittens from our cattery will be at least 14 weeks old, fully vaccinated, treated against worms, examined by vet, have a chip, international passport and FIFe pedigree before moving to their new home.

Our kittens will be sold with detailed sale contract with the following conditions:

We always ask deposit to reserve our kittens! The deposit is about 40-50% of the full price. 

In case the kittens is sold as pet it will be neutered/spayed  before leaving our cattery or it has to be neutered till the age of 6 months old! It is not allowed to change the classing of the cat from pet to breeding cat and to use it for breeding!

– The owner takes a good care of the cat providing for it a comfortable living space not letting it run away, not keeping it in cage. The kitten must be indoor cat and never let the it going outside without control! The owner takes on taking the cat immediately to vet in case of an illness and gives the needed treatment and gives the needed vaccination in every year.

We would like to keep in touch with the owners and receive reports and photos about the kitten’s life in the new home!

The cat cannot go over into ownership of a third party without our knowledge and our written permission!

In the event that the owner does not keep the cat properly, does not take care of it, we shall take back the cat unconditionally without any compensation.

Please contact us just in case you accept our conditions! By selling kittens to catteries we have other special conditions as well.