Siamese & Oriental cats & Whippet
15 August 2020
Big changes in our cattery in the last period… Nellie (Katzwijm’s Nellie Melba) Nessie (Née Sous X l’Improbable) Orgona (Shagio-Chen Orgona) and Lotti (Imladris Indil Charlotte Bronte) are retired and they all live in perfect pet homes.
Stiletto and Ribadeo have a break with Suprelorin implant and they both live as happy pets by our friends. We plan the next litters with our wonderful Dutch boy Uzziah van de Marcken.
We kept 2 lovely little girls from our last litters: Pixie and Yasmin. Looking forward what the future brings. 🙂
Imladris Indil Pixie & Yasmin
17 November 2019
Our wonderful new baby boy arrived from Holland! 🙂
Warm welcome Uzziah van de Marcken!
15 July 2019
We have a new litter from Nessie and Charly – very special for us because probably these are the last kids of both parents…
Imladris I. Ultimatum
Imladris I. Milky Way – first show – BEST MINOR PUPPY! 🙂
Thank you so much Kristina and Kriszta for your help and support!
Bronte & Elsa by the Danube
1st May 2019
Ch. Imladris I. Huron is neutered and retited and we decided to keep two of his sons in our breeding program.
We also keep one of Charlotte and Mochiko’s daughter.
our new boys: Imladris I. Ribadeo and Stiletto
Imladris I. Pepper Potts – our ebony girl
3rd March 2019
Extremely busy period with whippet puppies and kittens 🙂
The first Imladris whippet puppies are here! More information on Whippet page. 🙂
Imladris I. Pippi Longsocking – one of our 2 months old oriental kittens.
20th December 2018
Now it is official – the first IMLADRIS INDIL whippet puppies are due in January from this lovely stylish girl:
Fierce Fireball Adrenalin
We wish Marry Christmas and a fantastic 2019!
9th December 2018
FIFe cat show Budapest: NOVA – Best in Show Kitten both days and Best in Category on Saturday!
So we finished the 2018 Autumn show season with these results:
IMLADRIS I. KIPPI – 1 x Best in Show Kitten, 3 x Best in Show Junior, 2 x Best in Category
IMLADRIS I. NOT FOR SALE “NOVA”   4 x Best in Show Kitten, 2 x Best in Category
17 November 2018
FIFe cat show in Zagreb: KIPPI – Best in Show 7-10, NOVA – Best in Show 4-7, NELLIE – 3. CAC – now she is Champion! 🙂
15 October 2018
We had a very successful weekend by the Felis Hungarica MME show in Budapest. Our two young girls were Best in Show in addition on Saturday Kippi and on Sunday Nova (Imladris I. Not For Sale) became Best in Category. 🙂
Kippi 🙂
30 August 2018
We had a very long and hot summer with many babies… 🙂
A képen a következők lehetnek: kutya és belső tér
Imladris M3 L3 N3 and O3 litters 🙂
2nd June 2018
All of the babies from our J3 litter moved to their lovely new home to Sweden, Holland and France and we decided to keep a baby girl from our K3 litter in our cattery.
Imladris Indil Kippi
26th January 2018
new year new hope new babies 🙂
18th December 2017
Welcome home IC Imladris Indil Simon Templar!!
Our white oriental boy with emerald green eyes arrived from Sweden today. In the last 4 years he lived by our very kind friend Jeanett Lemmeke in Sweden in Jean Dark cattery where he sired many lovely kittens. In the next years he will live in our family and hopefully he will have later some white babies in Hungary as well. 🙂
10th December 2017
Felis Hungarica (FIFe) show in Budapest:
Shagio-Chen Charly – CAC, Best in Show male! (this was Charly’s 4th show and 4th BIS title 🙂 )
Imladris Indil Huron – CAC
Katzwijm’s Nellie Melba – EX1, nominated to the Best in Show
Nellie and Charly in the show cage
18th November 2017
Shagio-Chen Orgona a lilac oriental little beauty arrived to us today. With her the girl-team is complete! 🙂
25th October 2017
We hope our noughty tortie girl Imladris I. Bippa will be finally a mother soon… 🙂
23th September 2017
A wonderful lilac siamese Dutch princess joined to our family. Warm welcome Katzwijm’s Nellie Melba!
Nellie is extremely elegant, she has a very long head, neck body and tail, beautiful head, perfect profile, lovely ice cream colour and the sweetest temperament you can imagine – we just love her!
Katzwijm’s Nellie Melba
27th August 2017
We retire our wonderful “chess queens” Imladris Indil Scarlett O’Hara and Cardozo’s Black Tulip. They both will move to super pet homes to kind families soon. Their daughter Imladris Indil Gucienda and Imladris Indil Charlotte Bronte will take over their place. We will miss these beautiful girls. 🙂
10th June 2017
Imladris Indil Huron took part on his first show in Bratislava. He won Best in Show and he was Best of Best II.! 🙂
We are so proud on our red little boy!!
Huron in the BIS panel – Mr. Comorio in trouble. 🙂
6th May 2017
We have a lovely new litter – the first babies from Shagio-Chen Charly 🙂
Imladris I. Ivan is 33 days old
1st May 2017
Huron became a very nice boy. 🙂 His litterates moved to their lovely new homes but he stays with us!
Imladris I. Huron is 4 months old
21th January 2017
20 days later… 🙂
Imladris Indil Huron is 20 days old
2nd January 2017
The first IMLADRIS babies of the new year were born!
1 minute old red oriental baby boy from Collie and Chico
2nd December 2016
We have new babies.  🙂 For more info contact us!
 white siamese baby girl
16th November 2016
Tulip’s beautiful boys are exactly 5 months old today old and now all of them live in their super lovely new homes in France and Canada by very kind families.
Imladris Indil Deadpool and Daredevil at the age of 5 months old
18th May 2016
Beautiful Tulip is finally pregnant!! 🙂
3 April 2016
Charly our young male took part in a Felis Hungarica/FIFe cat show today – this was his 3rd show and the first one this year in the new category-system. He won against a wonderful russian blue and a sphynx junior- so he won his 3rd Best in Show!! We are really happy and proud on him!
Charly in the show cage
24 December 2015
We wish a Marry Christmas and a super 2016 for you!!
kari 2
12-13 December 2015
After a long break we took part on a FELIS HUNGARICA (FIFe) cat show… with our new male: Shagio-Chen Charly!:) Of course he started his show carrier with 2 Best in Show!!
Our dream came true – a nice kitten from Shagio-Chen Pheobe – who is maybe the most beautiful oriental female we have ever seen – so we are extremely happy and grateful for this wondeful male, he is 6 months old, very big, very elegant, very healthy, he has BEAUTIFUL head, fantastic coat – I think he is the most beautiful young boy in the world and he is perfect future fiancé for our next generation girls.
Charly in the show – more info and pictures about him on “Boys” page very soon!
11 November 2015
We have a lovely new litter… for more info please contact us!
6th September 2015
We update our homepage finally… we have some new cats – a tortie girl from our new litter and a wonderful havana male from Holland. We hope to have some babies from him soon…
Imladris Indil Bippa
18th June 2015
Our new girl arrived from Holland – beautiful ebony little lady – granddaughter of Imladris Indil iTunes.:) Thank you Marian!! We are so happy!
Cardozo’s Black Tulip
8th February 2015
We have a very special guest – Imladris Indil Scarlett O’Hara arrived from Sweden! She will have a litter in our cattery.  Thank you so much Anki for this possibility!
Scarlett 9
 Imladris Indil Scarlett O’Hara – white oriental beauty with deep blue eyes:)
3th January 2015
The Girls and the Boys pages are updated with our new keepers!!:)
December 2014
kari 2014

13th October 2014

We have new babies from Rowanberry & Typhoon!

 5th September 2014
After a longer break we wait kittens!!:)
15th April 2014
New pictures about our 2,5 months old kittens on Kittens page!
tink hl
Imladris Indil Tinker
16th March 2014
New baby pictures on Kittens page!!
Imladris Indil Up-To-Date (Dotty) is 6 weeks old
12th February 2014
We have new litters!! More info soon on Kittens page!:)
Imladris Indil Tristan – 10 days old little ebony boy:)
13th January 2014
Finally we decided to keep our white oriental little girl Searfina. More information about our future breeding queen on GIRLS page.:)
1th January 2014
We wish an amazing happy healthy and successful NEW YEAR to all cat and dog loving friends!
22th December 2013
Some news from the last period: Imladris Indil Equador is neutered and lives now buy Andi and her family as a beloved and pampered pet.:)
His last babies from Sasha (Tora Yuki Sachi Rei East Asterisk) are already 4 months old and they will move to their new homes very soon. But we have two cute oriental baby boy for sale as pets – just look at the “KITTENS” page!
Hopefully we will have some new litters in January/February 2014!
24th November 2013.
Finally new pictures about our “S2” babies /HERE/!!!:)
Imladris Indil Simon Templar – 12 weeks old
 22th October 2013.
First pictures about our Z2 litter HERE!
zooey hl2
21th October 2013.
New pictures about our S2 litter HERE!
Imladris Indil Scarlett O’Hara
7th October 2013.
We have a lovely new litter again! This is the first litter of both parents – Imladris Indil Peisistratos & Imladris Indil Otium.:)
More info soon on Kittens page!
24th September 2013.
We have some new photos about our cats!:))
S*Courelle Rowanberry – 9 months old:)
Ghubari Divine Madness (Typhoon) is 2,5 years old
Imladris Indil Peisistratos is 15 months old
6th September 2013.
Finally we have a lovely new litter again! More info SOON on Kittens page.
9th July 2013.
Some of our “older” females are now retired. Holly Hobbie, Xemma, Dixie, Fjörgyn, Cappy (Escape), Lulu (Lunatic Donna) are living by very kind families in super pet homes.
Thank you so much girls for the many lovely babies you gave us in the last years!!
We have to be very grateful especially for Dixie Capri Happy Jungle who had very important role in our breeding program. She gave healthiness, good size, and extremely elegant body to our line. You can find her in almost all Imladris pedigrees.:)
We will continue our breeding with few but wonderful girls: Vanity, Q-riuos, Rowanberry and Sasha (Tora Yuki Sachi Rei East Asterisk. Perecke (I. I. Otium) live by kind friends in foster home.
Dixie by her new family with the thai friend Maya:)
Xemma lives now with her real “husband” Crazy Horse D’Oltremare by a very kind lady.
 Bronte on the BIS podium:)
29 th May-2nd June 2013
We travelled to Madrid to take part on the FIFe General Assembly 2013 (and to look around in this wonderful city:)). The GA was extremly interesting with big debates and very serious and sometimes strange decisions. We are very happy because we are allowed to work with white orientals with any eye colour but the silver/smoke siamese/balinese cats are still not recognized… The kitten class is for 4-7 months old kittens now and the juniors will be the 7-10 months old cats. But the most important chenge is the new category division: the sia/ori cats will be compared with all the naked and rex breeds, with russian blues and the abys as well…
The presentation of the white orientals – thank you so much Monika and your team for your super work!!

My favourie picture from our Madrid tour photos – black swans in the Park Retiro – thank you so much Laca for making this picture for me about this amazing birds!

25th May 2013

We started to work on our new homepage…

Our future boy from our actual litter:


IMLADRIS INDIL QUITE RIGHT seal tabby siamese baby boy,

9 weeks old now:)